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SUHAD Sustainable Aviation Reseach Journal began to receive the writing.

You can find Volume 1 Issue 1 and Volume 1 Issue 2

SARES Awards 2017

Sustainable Aviation Research Society (SARES) is the association which deals research based on Sustainable Aviation. Every year, SARES gives awards in four categories to scientists and researchers who works on sustainable aviation. Awards will be given in five categories:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Science Award
  • Gratitude Award
  • Young Scientist Award
  • Company Award

Candidates will be evaluated by Award Commission and will determine the most appropriate scientist or practitioner as an Award Winner.Awards will give to winners in International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation 2017 (ISSA 2017) days (21 May) as an Award sculpture and Award Certificate.

The website of Sustainable Aviation Research Society (SARES): www.sares.org

The website of International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation 2017 (ISSA 2017): www.issasci.org

For more detailed information, you can find an Award regulations in the attachment.

15 June 2017               Deadline of Application

1 July 2017                          Determination of Award Winners

10 September 2017                        Announcement of Award Winners

Best Regards,

T.Hikmet Karakoc,

President of SARES