SARES Awards 2017 has been announced.

SARES Awards 2016

Lifetime Achievement Award

Yavuz Cizmeci – MyTechnic – Chairman of the Board

on behalf of

Cem Ipek – MyTechnic – Vice President

20160531_204817 yavuz_cizmeci
Prof. Dr. Maximillian Platzer – Naval Postgraduate School
20160531_205650(0) maximillian_platzer
Prof. Dr. Yalcin Gogus – Middle East Technical University
yalcin_gogus 1 2
Prof. Dr. John Ekaterinaris – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
john_ekaterinaris 20160531_205352
Dr. Sani Sener – TAV Airports – Board Member and President & CEO
sani_sener sani_sener

Gratitude Award

Prof. Dr. Haluk Gorgun – Rector of Gebze Technical University
haluk_gorgun 20160531_210534
Dr. Celal Sami Tufekci

Deputy Undersecretary


Undersecretaritat for Defence Industries

celal_sami_tufekci 20160531_210448
Hamit Yildirim

Adviser to Rector


Gebze Technical University


Science Award

Prof. Dr. Roberto Sabatini

RMIT University

roberto_sabatini 20160531_210025
Prof. Dr. Nadir Yilmaz

New Mexico University

nadir_yilmaz 20160531_210101
Prof. Dr. Oleksandr Zaporozhets

National Aviation University

zap 20160531_210140
Prof. Dr. Chingiz Hajiyev

Istanbul Technical University

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Dincer

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

ibrahim_dincer 20160531_205934
Prof. Dr. Jeongmin Ahn

Syracuse University

ahn 20160531_215242

Company Award

TAV Airports
TAV 20160531_204740(0)
mytechnic 20160531_204814(0)

Young Scientist Award

Dr. Kateryna Synylo

National Aviation University

kateryna_synylo 20160531_204623
Dr. Evanthia A. Nanaki

University of Western Macedonia

Dr. Siir Kilkis


siir_kilkis 20160531_204523
Dr. Jung-Ryul Lee

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Dr. Prem Lobo

Missouri University of Science and Technology

prem_lobo 20160531_215155

Special Jury Award

Anatolia Aerodesign

Anadolu University

Ekran Resmi 2016-07-14 00.23.06 20160531_204413


The application documents of candidate for SARES award will consist from following documents:

  • Which award he wants to be nominated
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • List of publications

For the Science Award and Young Scientist Award, the candidate should additionally submit following:

  • Print of Scopus h index
  • The list of Science Citation Index publications

to the Award Commission of the Sustainable Aviation Research Society.

For the Company Award, Small and Medium Enterprises should prepare a presentation as an abstract with 3000 words of their developed technology, service, product or system.

Large enterprises should prepare a report up to 3000 words about the scope of work on sustainability they have done and the results they have gained.

Sustainable Aviation Research Society (SARES) is the association which deals research based on Sustainable Aviation. Every year, SARES gives awards in five categories to scientists and researchers who works on sustainable aviation. Awards will be given in five categories:

  1. Organizing Committee Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Science Award
  3. Service Award
  4. Young Scientist Award
  5. Company Award

Candidates will be evaluated by Award Commission and will determine the most appropriate scientist or practitioner as an Award Winner.

Awards will give to winners in International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation 2016 (ISSA 2016) days (29 May-1 June) as an Award sculpture and Award Certificate.

The website of Sustainable Aviation Research Society (SARES):

The website of International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation 2016 (ISSA 2016):

For more detailed information, you can find an Award regulations in here.

Best Regards,

T. Hikmet Karakoc,

President of SARES